Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How to use ULS Viewer in SharePoint environment

ULS Viewer a great tool that can be used by a SharePoint developer or Administrators to debug and find errors within a SharePoint environment. I personally use this tool when I am badly stuck somewhere while configuring or deploying a new feature and event receiver don't catch any meaningful error.

You can run this tool and try to do something with SharePoint, it will display logs for what's happening behind the scene. Here's a small guide on how to use ULS Viewer on a SharePoint server.

Download ULS Viewer using link given below,

Download ULS Viewer

Keep it "ULS Viewer.exe" somewhere you can easily access it, e.g. on Desktop.

Now Click on "File" > "Open From" > "ULS" or Simply press "Ctrl + U" as shown in picture below,

Another window will appear which will be pre-populated by directory for your ULS logs on SharePoint server, as shown in picture below,

Just click on "OK" and you will "Real Time" logs of what's happening behind the scenes in your SharePoint environment. By default it shows you all types of messages but you can only select "Show High Messages" which will trim down logs to display you errors with high priority.

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