Friday, 20 September 2013

Directory Services Restore Mode NightMare

In short, I got a development virtual machine I run on my PC using virtual box, it's a stand alone SharePoint 2007 box along with SQL Server 2005 and K2 server 2003.

I was testing something which actually hanged my VPC machine and as a result I had to power off it which is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad practice, but since I am using it for development and got out dated backup copies so wasn't a big issue for me. Anyway when i restarted it gave me this error,

I almost tried 100's of articles on Internet and couple of hours to fix the issue but couldn't but at-last I fixed it by following this MSDN article,

How To Use Ntdsutil to Manage Active Directory Files from the Command Line in Windows Server 2003

You also might find it useful to read this information about active directory files which helped me fix the issue and understand what happened but I won't going to explain it in here,

Active Directory files and their functions

and this link also helped even though it's for Exchange edb but applies to active directory edb recovery as well,

How to Solve Exchange Dirty Shutdown Error

To be continued if I get time I will explain a bit more or just add comment if you need help...

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