Friday, 18 January 2013

Certificate for SharePoint website with SSL

HTTPS SSL Certificate on SharePoint Web Application

If you need SSL(Https) on your sharepoint web application you will need to have a certificate installed on your site, now if your site is required to be used within Local Intranet then instead of purchasing a certificate you can just install certificate role on your server and issue your website a certificate which can be installed by each member on there PCs. Now there might be a better way of doing it but this is what I did to fix certificate problem on our development server. 

I followed this blog post for installation of Certificate but you can just go to control panel, then add remove programs and then add system compnent or something like that, select certificate role. Go through wizard give your certificate authority some kind of name like CADevelopmentServer. Now you can issue a certificate using Certificate authority and get one on your web application by going through IIS web application properties, I will let you find out rest of it with pictures in this blog post,

Installing Certificate and getting Https for a website sounds like a hard task but its seems easier then anything and few clicks get you there.

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