Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Links Missing in Central Admin SharePoint 2010

I am going through Microsoft Learning Kit for exam 60 - 667 and trying to practice SharePoint 2010 as recommended but when I installed User Profile Service using Farm wizard it installed and configured it properly however I am not able to start User Profile Synchronization service any more.

I have been given a free advise to log off and log again and I did it but when I tried to log in again and opened Internet explorer and tried to go to Central Administration using its URL I couldn't find few links, for example "Manage Services on Server" was missing.

I looked at Active directory and figured out account is in domain admins but figured out that if you don't open central administration as administrator, some links will be missing in SharePoint 2010 Configuration database version : 14.0.4762.1000.

I am still looking into why User Profile Synchronization service isn't starting at the moment and will make another post.

Source : http://www.askthesharepointexperts.com/question/details/16/missing-some-links-in-sharepoint-2010-central-administration-even-when-logged-in-as-farm-administra

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